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The Threshold slider lets you vary the crossover level 0. The Contrast and Gain sliders let you adjust the output levels.

Magic Lantern Trouble Shooting Video

The Switch Video Tracks check box lets you reverse the video track positions. I haven't done much testing since I don't have any true over and under exposed video. I duplicated the video on V1 and V2 then added a separate CC effect over each and adjusted the levels up and down then added my HDR effect over these. Let me know how it goes. This attachment is hidden for guests. Please log in or register to see it. Last Edit: 7 years, 1 month ago by khaver. The first impression looks really good. Due to user-failure I had only the first frame of my video, but the sliders work beautiful.

Tonight I am going to experiment a bit more and then put a video up. And here it is.

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Don't expect any spectacular stuff, just a test. Amazing video Which software you use to convert this video to edit in LW?

Yeah, Schloime, what a nifty job it did! Too bad I don't have any marginal exposures to try it on. I took the long way over Fusion to separate the two exposures.

Quick and dirty, not really efficient. Next time I will try it in LW itself. Workflow would be: 1. Import clip with some transcoding to get rid of h 2.

Shooting HDR video on a Canon DSLR with Magic Lantern firmware

Depending which track is the darker or brighter material, continue with khavers explanation. One question here: How does LW make the speed adjustments? Does it just kill every nth frame or will it try to interpolate between the frames? Because then there might be problems with the missing frame resulting in an uneven framecount and lots of weird pictures inbetween.

In that case one could try to delete the first frame and insert it again at the end of the clip before setting the speed.

Offline/Online Workflow for Magic Lantern RAW, Adobe Premiere, & DaVinci Resolve

Yes, I do this same way. But, how you get rid of h? This is my problem because when I convert the video, some frames disappear and hinder my work, understand?

What's new in HDR Imaging?

Ah, ok This time I converted the clip with fusion into an image sequence. If you spend some more money I haven't yet you could buy the DNxHD codec in the download section, which will work perfect together with LW. Or you could convert the original stream with GoPro Cineform Studio into a cineform mov, which also works very good with LW. Cineform Studio is also free software.

If you need more help on the steps, keep asking, please. Board Categories Announcements Announcements Main Starting and Exiting the application Screen capture Console LWMouCon Lightworks on Mac Lightworks on Linux Third Party Plugins Feature Requests Let the sunshine in December 4, So, please excuse my brevity. However, I do keep up with regular site update duties.

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Picturenaut 3. Today, let me just present the new sIBL-of-the-month : Go ahead, take a really close look at the palm leaves! You will not find any ghosting or even deghosting-related artifacts anywhere. The wind was blowing like it wanted to push sailors over the edge of the world, and I still shot this in 9-exposure bracketing bursts.

Any HDR photographer will agree that these are impossible conditions. A little miracle was necessary, and it was delivered by the ghost removal option in Photosphere. That's right - Greg Ward recently updated Photosphere to version 1. Fully automatic with pristine results. How awesome is that?

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A glorious lot of HDR programs were updated lately. Hydra 3 Pro now has a new targeted adjustment mode, that looks like the perfect blend between Nik's U-Points and Lightroom's Adjustment Brush. Plus batch processing, presets, and complete interface makeover. Also sports curves, sharpening, vignetting and a pano-safe mode. That pretty much answers all my critique points from last review , so now I have to find something else to mock about.

PhotoEngine also has batch processing and supports a flurry of new RAW formats. Gotta love that trend, there's nothing like a good batch mode to get a first look at a weekend shoot. ProEXR 1. Way cool! Picturenaut is coming to OSX! Useful for automated tasks, for example with SmartShooter getting integrated as we speak.