Back slash key on mac

Oct 13, 1, 0.

Backslash on MAC

What keys exactly are you pressing? And what language keyboard do you have? DoFoT9 macrumors P6.

Jun 11, 17, 31 Singapore. The key I'm pressing is the one above the shift tab on the right left to the return button.

Where is the backslash (\) key on the new Apple IPads?

The keyboard layout is English, United Kingdom. And I can't see anything in the international that would make it better.

Apr 21, 1 0. Problem Found I had just had the same problem. But I finally found it out. Then I heard the bot speaking. So I'm like, "What? So thats when i think "Ohhh! October 11, at am. Michel says:. March 6, at am. KCL says:. March 28, at am.

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What Keys Give Me What Symbols In Mac OS X?

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New to the Mac and lost with keyboard characters? Savetime On says:.

November 9, at am. Billy says:.

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February 4, at am. September 1, at pm. Without knowing it you use it all the time, every time you use a computer system, but if all you need is to get some of the characters not included in your keyboard should do the following, for example:. Backslash , reverse slash. HTML entity :.