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Additional features include fast conversion speed, multithread downloading, playlist and channel download, support to all types of links, and others. In addition to professional and free software, there are a number of online tools available as well that helps in YouTube to MP3 conversion. These online programs need no download or installation and majority of them are free to use. You can simply open the online tools from your browser and extract MP3 files from your YouTube and other videos.

Working and conversion speed of these programs are entirely dependent on the availability and speed of internet connection. This YouTube to MP3 Converter is a popularly used online tool that is free, simple to use and is fast. The program need no registrations, signup or any type of installation and has no restrictions to the number of downloads. All latest browsers are supported. Once the process is complete, a link for downloading MP3 audio file will be available on the program interface. This is another convenient to use tool for extracting MP3 audio files from YouTube videos.

Using the program, you simply need to copy and paste the YouTube video link and start the process.

Video/Audio Format Supported by iTunes

The link for downloading the MP3 file will be available on the program interface itself. ListenToYouTube is a free to use program that needs no signup or installation.

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If needed, you can also download the videos from other sites beside YouTube like DailyMotion, Vimeo, and others. The tool is available in multiple languages, and is simple to use. Once the video is extracted in MP3 format, the download link will be available at the interface. This free to use tool needs no software download, and if needed there are extension and plug-in for Chrome and Firefox for placing easy download button on YouTube pages. Using the tool you can also download the entire playlist at a go. You can even search for the desired videos and the playlist from the program interface itself.

Transfer: Transferring songs from your computer to your Android device or your Apple device is always an issue. But this app takes of that for you. No other compatibility software is required. Toolkit: The app is also equipped with a very handy kit. It makes handling the music library even easier. The toolkit helps in carrying out functions such as adding titles to tracks, tagging, recovering files from the library, backing up iTunes, library, repairing the library, transferring the songs to a USB so that it can be played in your car and burning your required songs onto a CD.

Repairing iTunes library: The application assists you in cleaning up your iTunes library. Sometimes iTunes causes issues, and the tracks get lost. The app cleans or removes broken files, adds song covers, deletes duplicated files and repairs wrong song information. This is followed by a long process of synchronizing your computer with your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Sometimes you even add music from external sources. This whole process if very time consuming.

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This app facilitates the transfer of music files from iTunes to other devices. All you have to do is connect the device to your computer and voila. Transferring iTunes to your Android: Most of us have no idea that you can transfer music files from your iTunes to your Android device. This app makes the whole process very easy and convenient.

You can synchronize your Android device with the music. In addition to this feature, you can also copy your favorite music files from your Android device to your iTunes library. Conversion: We all go through the daily hassle of having music files and videos which are not compatible with our devices and so cannot be played. Well, this app solves that problem. Follow the steps given below to download Youtube videos and them to your iTunes using your Mac. Step 1: First, you have to download the application on your Mac.

After doing so click the get music icon, and this will give way to a to the word download. Hit the download button, and a window wil l open which will showcase a URL box. You can copy the link of your favorite video and then paste it into the URL box. This way the app will download the video. Click the YouTube icon. By doing this, you will be directed to YouTube's official homepage. Search for the video you require and then open it. Step 3: Once the video has been opened, click the small downloading icon present on the top left corner of the application. The app will then ask you for the format you want to convert your downloaded file into.

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Select the needed format and hit download. Simple tag editor Application automatically detects artist name and track title of the video and saves it in the downloaded file. Original format, no conversions You can save audio tracks in original quality without any conversion. Free music There is a great amount of music on YouTube. Not only YouTube Vevo. Clipboard tracking The program tracks the content of the system clipboard. Thank you!! Jorge Henao Thanks guys, great app to listen to all those youtube webcasts in my car!

Wijnand Loven Thank you! It's amazing software, excellent simple design and just do what I need. Great respect for the team who developed this nice piece of software.

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Wish you all the support you need to go on Thank you so much! Wolfgang Lindhorst Love it!!! Finally i don't have to go to some stupid website that makes the quality 10x worse Mark Zapper Probably the best Youtube to MP3 software i have used, great user friendly interface and super fast downloads. Sikander Najib wow this is a must have for any mac user!

The list of best YouTube to MP3 Converters for Mac

Victor Strouken Guys, your yt to mp3 converter for mac osx absolutely rips! So nice to find a well designed programme that works as it's supposed to, without any hassles and timewasting like so many others I've found. Nice logo, nice menus, user-friendly, worked first time out of the box just like mac stuff is supposed to! Very impressed. David Superb product, contains no bloatware and doesn't even need to be installed.

Incredibly fast, easy to use, and formats the music with all the correct labels at great quality, too! Thanks for developing this product, as well as being free! Steve Spamington just downloaded the youtube converter.

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It's convenience and speed are unparalleled. This program is a life saver and will provide many many many good times in the future! Thanks a million guys. Billy V. I would just like to say Thank you! You have all done an amazing job and everything works perfectly!