How can i set up find my iphone on my mac

We use this feature often to find our devices, especially the tiny AirPods.

How to Set Up Find My iPhone & How to Use It Protect Privacy

The most important thing to know about Find My iPhone is that you must turn it on before your device goes missing! Once Find My iPhone is on, go ahead and practice viewing where your devices are located and playing tones on them.

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Find My iPhone has a few tricks up its sleeve for when you want a device to show a message or if you think it was stolen:. Available for the Mac, the Lock feature enables you to protect an entire Mac with a short passcode.

Set up Find My iPhone on all of your devices

You can also enter a message that will appear on the Lock screen. Even if your device had an excellent passcode or password, you might worry that a thief will access your data. If the thief drops or otherwise damages your MacBook during the theft, they may try and get it repaired by Apple. If that happens, Apple will send an email to the address registered to that Mac, confirming the repair.

If you get an email like that, contact Apple immediately explaining what has happened, then contact the police with the details.

How to Use Find My iPhone When iPhone is Stolen

Give the police the information and let them do their job. Having your Mac stolen is horrible, but losing precious data could be worse.

CleanMyMac can also uninstall applications you no longer need with one click, and remove junk files from the System, Photos, iTunes, keeping you Mac running speedily and smoothly. Find My Mac is a brilliant tool for tracking a stolen MacBook, or any other Mac, but you must set it up first.

How to Use Find My iPhone on Your Mac or Another iOS Device | Digital Trends

So do that as soon as you finish reading this article. Above all, your personal safety comes first.

  1. It’s Important to Keep Find My iPhone Turned On At All Times—Here’s Why?
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  7. How to Set Up Find My iPhone & How to Use It Protect Privacy!
  8. Ivan Exploring latest tech trends. Apple obsessed. If you want to remotely erase your device you'll lose everything on it, but it's useful if you have lots of private information backed up to iCloud that you don't want those who find your device to get. If a device is offline, you'll have a different option: Notify me when found. This will alert you when the item comes back online.

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    • It’s Important to Keep Find My iPhone Turned On At All Times—Here’s Why | Simply Mac;
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    • How to use Find my Mac to track a stolen MacBook.

    You can also locate a lost iOS device using another iOS device. First, download the Find My iPhone app if you don't have it already — the app works the same as the website described above. You'll then be able to track down the location of your gadget or at least where it was last spotted as well as optionally playing an alarm or deleting everything from the device. Finally, the Find My Friends app can also be used to locate the iPhone of anyone you've agreed to share location data with.

    The app doesn't provide as many tracking options, but if your child or significant other misplaces their iPhone, this provides a fast and easy way to make a first check. Here's how to track it down on a PC or Mac Have you now lost your device or you're worried it has been stolen? It's time to track it down.

    How to Set Up Find My iPhone