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In this post, we will equip you with everything you need to be aware of regarding clearing cookies on Mac browser. Mac Internet Cookies are the small text files that websites create and store in your browser. These files contain information, including names, email addresses, storing personal preferences, and user settings. The cookies are also used for authenticating the user, storing user settings, and keeping track of user statistics. Every time you visit a website, the browser sends you an internet cookie to identify you as the user.

So, next time, when you return to the website, it can provide the service and products that might be of interest to you. Moreover, the cookie cannot be termed as spyware, malware, or virus. But still, every modern browser, such as Safari for Mac gives you an option to choose to accept cookies or decline them.

How to enable cookies on your computer

In a nutshell, they are the files on your Mac that keep the information of what you have done on a specific website. It is completely safe to delete the cache files on Mac. The files consist of app-specific temp files; partial downloads, browser history, messaging cache, and lot more data.

How to Delete Cookies on Mac

While most of the applications handle the cache files on their own, but you can intervene and clear the cache and temporary files from Mac. The cache deletion process is completely safe and will not affect your system in any way. However, to minimize the risk, ensure that you quit or force quit all the apps before you send all the folders to the trash, and then reboot the system immediately.

Along with this, do not skip making a backup. At last, make sure that you only delete cache, cookies or temporary files, if they are taking up a large amount of storage system on your Mac. In case, if you delete some of your important files while deleting cache, turn to Recoverit. This software supports more than data formats and is sure to come to your rescue. Whether you use Safari on Mac permanently or leverage it for some specific purposes, it is important to regularly clear cookies from the browser.

Safari on Mac comes with built-in functionality that lets you remove the cookies in no time. But have you ever wondered why you have to clear cookies, despite the benefits they offer you? Well, if you have cookies stored on your browser, there is a chance they will take up extra disk space. The stored cookies make it possible for other users who have access to your system to login into websites and apps under your identity.

Your browsing history is traceable, which is not safe from the privacy point of view. Moreover, if you do not clear the cookies on Mac regularly, there are some websites that show you the items, you might not want to see or buy again.

Click the "Safari" menu, choose "Preferences"

To avoid all these troublesome scenarios, use the above-mentioned step-by-step process, and clear cookies on Mac Safari seamlessly. There is no denying that cookies keep track of data for websites you visit and makes your online browsing experience, an effortless one. They also remember the part of images, pages, and help them to open faster during your next visit.

But on the flip side, they also work as a host for your data such as name, email address, and more. Generally, cookies are a part of your search history; so, you have to get in the history tab to delete cookies from this browser. Here is a step-by-step guide to clear them from Chrome. Step 3 — A dialog box will appear. Look for the options such as cookies and other site data and cached images and files. Step 4 — From the top, choose the time range. Make sure you select a suitable time slot as clearing cookies from last hour is only useful when you visit a malicious website, by mistake.

In this case, do not delete all the cookies; just limit the cleanup of cookies from last hour. After you select the time slot, click on the Clear Data option, and you are done with the process. But before you delete cookies on Google, make sure you turn on the sync in chrome as you will stay signed in the Google Account after you clear cookies from the browser. Did you know that cookies come enabled by default in Firefox? There are a number of websites and applications that requires cookies enabled to work properly, and Firefox ensures that you can access the web properly. As you will click, the progress bar will spin for a few minutes, depending on the cookies that are to be deleted.

Once it stops, all the cookies will be cleared, and you are done with the process. Whether you are clearing cookies from Safari on Mac, Google Chrome or Firefox, make sure you exit the browser after clearing the cookies and then re-open it. Let me show you how to allow cookies to do their usual work in Safari on Mac!

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Turn cookies on or off

If you ever want to block all the cookies again, just follow the same steps mentioned above and recheck the boxes. Considered as the most secure web browser, Safari remains my most trusted web browser across iDevices. What do you think of it? Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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