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Here are the apps, tools, and utilities I've found to be most useful in making the Mac-to-Windows transition just a little easier. It's worth noting that most of these are actually Windows 7 or 8 apps that run just fine in Windows 10 — Microsoft's Windows Store still hasn't really taken off.

Boot Camp lets you run Windows 10 on your Mac. Here's how to use it

And if you have suggestions for any Windows apps that do the job better than what I'm listing here, send them to me. This is an ongoing experiment. Pro tip: The OneNote app that comes with Windows 10 is actually kind of lackluster. You can grab the much more powerful and full-featured Microsoft OneNote for free here.

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You can get the beta of Microsoft Snip here. Activate Windows 7 on this computer.

Not-Perfect, But Good-Enough

Only if that fails will you have to describe the problem to a human being. Microsoft gives you 30 days to activate your copy of Windows 7, with increasingly frequent prompts, which is why it has become a real problem now. It seems it's being seen as a new installation.

If not, you can go to Start and type slui. Note that you have not bought anything from Microsoft: Microsoft has no way of knowing what Dell shipped or how it set up Windows on your PC.

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If the activation system fails, you will need to call Dell for support. Also note that Windows Update should work in one respect: Unfortunately, it seems that Microsoft does not regard updates to its anti-virus product, Microsoft Security Essentials MSE , as critical. If you continue to use it, add some regular scans with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. The software installed OK, but later I got the message about it requiring Activation. When I typed in the Activation key, obtained from the software wrapper, I was informed that the product key could not be used to activate Windows on that computer, and the software is now referred to as being not genuine.

I purchased it believing that it was. See How to know you're buying genuine Windows for help with this.

OEM versions are sold at a reduced cost and have a number of limitations. The main ones are that a Windows is locked to a single motherboard and can't officially be transferred to another PC; and b you don't get any support from Microsoft.

Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up

You are the OEM system builder, so you have to provide the customer -- your good self -- with support. Windows 7 should prompt you to download Windows Genuine Advantage, if it hasn't already done so, and this should provide a way to activate the software. WGA checks that the key code isn't already in use, and I think creates some sort of hash value for the system on which it's running.

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When online activation fails, you should be offered a Microsoft phone number to call. Activation over the phone is usually quick and painless.

Before You Start…

Further to the link mentioned above, there's an excellent, illustrated guide to the process: The Guardian website login is no long working with an exceptionally helpful program, 1Password you recommended it once. The problem sort of appeared gradually, but now it happens every time. I contacted AgileBits and a member of their support staff says: I cannot get it to work with 1Password. I also was unable to locate an alternative login page that didn't use the floating window. Sorry, but it looks like the Guardian's website is currently not 1Password compatible. If you need help with the Guardian website, it's much better to write to the Guardian's own help staff, who are now at userhelp theguardian.

They're quicker -- I usually only post one answer per week -- and they are much more familiar with potential problems than I am. They provided a quick answer to your question: If you write to userhelp theguardian. This should include the operating system version, the browser name and version, and the names and version numbers of any ad-blocking or similar software.