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Virtually all of the restore disks are available via Macintosh Garden, including the one you seek. I will add that I've used the QS 9. I generally grab it for all of those computers as it saves the upgrade dance to get to 9. That universal disk has some issues with my quicksilver as well. I had to boot with extensions off and then disable some graphics drivers. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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An OS 9 odyssey: Why these Mac users won’t abandon year-old software | Ars Technica

Posted May 26, I'm not sure about this though but it seems previous models of the G4 apparently came with multiple discs as part of the software package, such as the restore disc and a seperate Apple Hardware Test disc. Also hidden on the disc was an image called OS 9 general that actually had a specific bootable version of OS 9. I've found several references to earlier part numbers but they seem to be related to earlier models of the G4 and in fact earlier models of the MDD too. So, does anyone know if any of this is that correct? Posted on Jun 8, 3: Posted on Jun 8, 4: Page content loaded.

Jun 8, 4: Jun 9, 5: Hello BDAqua.

Mac OS 9.2.2 for PowerMac G4 MDD

I have actually already come across that post before but hadn't noticed he'd posted his Macs serial number, a check shows it was built in July so can't argue with that. Even s things like that and other info I find on the net confuses me to no end really, though I think it probably shows the part number I posted is either wrong or for an earlier version of the disc. Clone the whole system daily, synchronize select folders and backup folders with often changing contents while retaining as many copies as you want. Personal Backup will let you do it.

You'll have a hard time finding this on the Intego website these days, but we dug up a copy and made it available right here.

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Mac OS 9 does not multitask like OS X does, so running a backup utility or antivirus scan will tie up your system pretty good while it's running, hence the recommendation to run these kinds of intensive tasks while you're away from the keyboard. As with the previously mentioned utilities, Personal Backup runs very light, taking up just 1.

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  • If you compare the above resource usage screenshot with the ones from VirusBarrier and NetBarrier, you'll notice a difference in color scheme and Mac OS resource usage. This is because I had to re-take some screenshots on another computer. Just now, my PowerBook G3 that I was using up until this point decided to stop powering up!

    I was able to boot up a PowerMac G4 from the clone made by Personal Backup, copy the whole Mac OS 9 system back and continue work in less than 12 minutes. The fact that this happened while I was writing this article cannot be a coincidence, so I had to share this.

    For those not familiar with Mac OS 9, I keep mentioning the amount of memory these apps use, because back in the day and still today, depending on the hardware that's used memory was measured in MB's, not GB's. That is assuming the memory was upgraded; in its default configurations, some of those machines had just 32 or 64 MB of memory! With such little resources available, every megabyte counts. Intego no longer supports its legacy products for Mac OS 9, so use at your own risk. Grabbing a new hard drive for your OS 9 computer falls under data security. Amazingly, most of these old Macs still use the original hard drive.

    The higher capacity drives offered in the G4's were faster at rpm, but could still be pretty noisy. These drives, however, worked and kept working, and kept working, and Maxtor drives became questionable after they hit the GB capacity mark, but other brands were amazing.

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    Mac OS 9 did not have S. Making the general assumption you're using a G4 of some kind, this still leaves you with a 14 to 18 year old hard drive that is certainly due for an upgrade. A new 'old' drive can be picked up on amazon for a few bucks and will give you some peace of mind. If you want some better performance, you can even go Solid State!

    As with any system, keeping your operating system OS and software up to date will ensure you have the latest enhancements and security fixes.

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    Unfortunately but not surprisingly, there are no more software updates for Mac OS 9 or any of the software that runs on that OS. However, there are a few important updates that should be installed. With the OS and its components no longer being updated, some of the built-in features can simply be too risky to have enabled. We don't know how or if these can easily be exploited these days, so it's better to be safe than sorry. Also use the Extension Manager to disable any control panels and extensions you don't need, this will make your OS boot faster and run with a bit more resources available.

    If you read this article and are curious to try Mac OS 9, or even if you've been using Mac OS 9 for a while, there are some great resources available online. I will wrap this up by sharing some links to useful websites and some must-have Mac OS 9 software. Writing is something I love to use Mac OS 9 for. No notifications, no emails, no messengers or other distractions, just writing.