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Or hiring a professional to do the work for you. The program is from Serif , a company dedicated to building design software with designers in mind. Which essentially means they aim to compete with Adobe. Publisher is currently in a free to use Open Beta testing phase, with a planned release later this year. And, while the software worked great for me while laying out a couple of book interiors and one truly horrible cover design , it is still in beta testing.

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The principles are unchanged. The first thing I did after downloading the software was to watch the 16 tutorial videos, which total about 45 minutes of viewing time. They broadly cover the basics of using the interface, setting up a document, setting up styles, and using basic features. For example, here are a couple of ways Affinity Publisher is not a one-to-one analog of InDesign.

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As you can see in this example, the first image shows two spreads with unlinked text. The text on the right side page flows outside of the text box. Not complicated, but one of those small differences that have to be learned to make efficient use of Affinity Publisher.

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The workflow is not exactly the same, but the variety of controls and options are essentially the same. I say this as someone who has some experience laying out text-heavy books, but much less experience with graphic-heavy books like a course book or magazine. For a simple book layout, Affinity was faster and easier to use than InDesign for me.

This is often something Word handles poorly. And while InDesign can handle these operations, Affinity does it in such an easy manner that I was able to figure out the intricacies on my own, in a matter of minutes. Usually just Heading 1 title , Heading 2 chapter titles , and body text everything else. Most significant is how simple it is to select and edit large quantities of text without slowing down the software.

In Word or even InDesign editing all the body text can result in long waits or the dreaded spinning beach-ball on Macs. Affinity makes it simple to edit a Style, and to update that Style quickly. We have to appreciate that Affinity Publisher is still in a Beta phase. This is great since it means we can test Affinity for laying out book pages without paying anything. Once the product releases to the public, it will cost something. Paul is the Senior Copywriter at Lulu, responsible for all the words you see on our site misspellings included.

I understand the bleed required by Lulu for these dimensions is 0. Are these figures correct?! Affinity only allows a fixed figure that applies to all four edges — filling one in makes all the other numbers the same.

Will this enable the running of Serif programs such as PagePlus X6 on my iMac? - Apple (UK)

Is this a problem? I imagine it is not, but would be grateful for any comments. You can use 0. We trim all 4 sides when finishing the book so the bleed can be uniform without causing any issues. I would set your margin slightly larger on the side edge the gutter. It is possible to unlock the bleed entry fields so they are not all equal. How did tables work? The only reason I am not using Scribus is its complete failure in handling tables.

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