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I will try to explain as simple as possible. But now even a new player can become rank 1. So the simplest explanation will be this: If you win versus lower rank player, your rank will increase only slightly. If you win versus higher rank player, your rank will become his rank. If you lose versus lower rank player, you will go down by the rank how much it depends on how low player rank was Conclusion: Try always play versus higher rank players, and try not to lose to lower rank players as it will seriously affects your rank.

If you want to become the best player on the planet , you can't lose to anyone.

Download Warcraft III e for Mac OS X

So from today you have a true chance to become the number one player in the world. Please note! Dota Stats! PG 1v1 Tourney! Skype From Today you can join Skype chat room and discuss about games, problems etc The season will consist of one opening tourney, two weekly tourneys up to 20 and one closing tourney. Each opening and closing tourney will give a sufficient number of points and all weekly tourneys will give small number of points. The person who will have most points will be considered the winner of the season and his nick will be posted on the newly developed CF version loading screen.

This system gives you freedom to have new partner every tourney but still makes it important to have the partner to be a good player.

Manual Approaches to Uninstall Blizzard Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Patch on Mac

However, person must be quite active in the weekly tourneys to have a good chance to get to the loading screen because other person, who enters less tourneys but accidentally wins the opening or closing tourney may have more points in the end. This version is really legitimate, it have rewriten game engine, fixed chaos legendary - eraser and etc. You can check the old change log here new one is still not out, but we can expect it in next week Download official tournament map here Castle Fight community forum with change log.

Castle Fight New points system was added to Castle Fight tourney games. Account Registration!

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  • Please Note! So please allow your anti-virus to install it. If you having problems with your update please try : Download Patch 1. Tourney rules was grouped to game modes for better viewing. Server Staff Our team looking for a Dota-Cheaters operator who could ban cheaters from server if they using cheats.

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    • The key to succes: pro gaming, forum visiting, age. Send me an email if you feel lucky.

      Only successful applicants will get reply. Automatic Tourneys Fixed bug, from today none of the new replays won't be able to upload again. Proxy Blocker! Please update your map. Ladder Reset! Good luck in a new season. Automatic Tourneys Tourneys time has been changed to hrs. Automatic Tourneys Fixed a bug allowing players to register any online username to tourney. Fixed an exploit allowing a user to bypass a registration form and register players to tourney anyway. Added a second player check up for timeout. Automatic tourneys So many players like to play our tournaments, but as you see tourneys admins not creating enough tournaments, so i decided to make tourneys everyday automaticly.

      The minimum players or teams count must be at least 3, to begin a tourney. The new daily tourneys schedule Monday 1v1 Tourney Tuesday 1v1 Tourney Wednesday 2v2 Tourney Thursday 1v1 Tourney Friday 1v1 Tourney Saturday Castle Fight 2v2 Sunday Castle Fight 2v2 If you have any queries or comments about this, please do not hesitate to contact me, or just simply post a topic at our forum. Server Update!

      The new version has a major change in clan settings, from now 2 persons can create a clan. If you find any bugs please contact me. Server Staff I am proudly introducing Woozie as a new operator. He just become one of the server staff members,and as i know he will try to get rid of cheaters in our server. Server Staff Currently we are looking to increase our staff, if you want to become one of us mail me,and explain how could you help maintain server and wich position you would prefer.

      Account registration! You can download it from Files section. Automatic Tourneys Added 2v2 Tourney type. Disqualification after 10 minutes if you are disconnected from server. Automatic Tourneys As you may have noticed there were several tournaments that did not take place because many of the players came out. I made a lot more accurate now retired players' calculations. All players who previously had received the defeats will be rebuilt.

      What are the new Features in WC3 Patch 1.31?

      Currently, it only works in 1x1 tournament type. Full Installation for 1. You can download it from files section. Win7 users need to use a winxp sp3 compatibility by clicking on right button and selecting test campatability. Hard disk was replaced for the better one this time,so in the future it won't happend again. New accounts now also available. It makes our network more stable and reliable. Have Fun! Changelog 1. Download Loader 1. Big Thanks to Keres. It is a great war3 tool and it will be very useful for installing Warcraft 3 1.


      Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27a

      For those who has problem with Warcraft III 1. This problem caused by DEP. You can turn it off with the next two steps. Run Command Promt with administrative priviledges and type there: bcdedit. WarCraft3 Map pack! Wc3Fixer bug! I made new WC3Fixer, tested! After downloading this, you don't need any help at all. Download WC3Fixer.

      So for now we have to wait new realeses of loader if there will be so. Execute wc3. Run w3l. Create an account here account registration. Connect to battle. If you having problems with your update please read this before asking in forum Info or download already updated version of balticum warcfraft 3 1. Currently downloadable 1. Our server still running 1. Please register new accounts from ours web site. Ban List! Tournament Wins! Warcraft III Movie! Server update!

      Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27a Changelog:

      Warcraft III patch 1. Simply connect to Battle. Once you have the patch installed, launch the game as you normally would but now you won't need the CD. Presentation of international web site! Balticum client update. New server accounts. Since 31 October till 4 November it where was a problem with registering new accounts in server.

      New p1l1s bot just been launched, it's designed for players who like to play custom maps. HellHalt players who do not play more than for one month and has a rank higher than 10 will become unranked. Just released probably the final update for our server, which is mainly added simplified connection to the server,also added the latest version on the website so you can direclty download the latest version without need of an update after. Type the following in game lobby at europe.